Bathroom Design in Weston Creek

Weston Creek is one of the most historic suburbs in Canberra, first established in the mid-1800s. It boasts several different heritage properties and older homes, as well as brand new apartments and townhomes. Property values have soared in the area over the past ten years, due partly to the district’s great facilities and proximity to the centre of the city. In addition, many locals have chosen to improve the value of their home with kitchen and bathroom renovations; features such as rain showers, frameless screens and luxury tubs are now common in established properties.

For those who wish to improve the amenity and value of their current property with a bathroom renovation, Elite Bathrooms provides a customer-centred design and renovation service that is second to none. Our specialty lies in creating stunning, great value for money designs which fit within our clients’ budgets. We take into account a variety of factors, such as what the bathroom will be like in winter and summer, and how we can achieve the look you want using affordable modern materials. You may be surprised at what can be created without spending more than you have! We also have a strong commitment to providing a pleasant experience for our clients throughout the renovation process; from commencing work on time, to cleaning up quickly after the tiling service is complete, you’ll never have any hassles with our team.

We invite you to explore our Portfolio Gallery for a taste of why we’re the best in bathroom renovations Weston Creek wide. For more information or to arrange a quote, call 0420 670 880 now.