Professional Bathroom Designs in Canberra

Elite Bathrooms offers a premium bathroom design service throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. Our designs incorporate the latest aesthetic trends, ensuring your bathroom is up-to-date and feels modern and comfortable.

Expert Bathroom Designs in Canberra and Queanbeyan

We take into consideration such important factors as natural light to help save on unnecessary power usage and to make the bathroom feel open and spacious. Ease of cleaning is another aspect we think about, minimising the occurrences of small gaps, nooks and crannies, which make cleaning time-consuming and frustrating. Our experts have many years of experience and enjoy putting their knowledge to work for you, ensuring these and all design factors are considered.

When we start a new bathroom design project, we first look at the functional aspects. These include:

  • A non-slip shower
  • Small floor tiles for improved slip resistance
  • Adequate ventilation to prevent mould, foggy mirrors, and dampness
  • Storage facilities to keep the vanity tops clear and the bathroom tidy

Once we have the functionality in place, we then move to the form and aesthetics, including:

  • Placement of the toilet, vanity, shower, and bath
  • Maximising natural light
  • A mirrored wall to improve the feeling of space

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