Amazing, Professional Bathroom Renovations in Canberra


Don’t be put off by our amazing bathroom design photos, thinking you can’t afford something that looks great. We CAN work with any budget – get a quote from us as see for yourself. In terms of how complete our bathrooms look, we believe our portfolio gallery of past professional bathroom renovation projects speaks for itself. Browse through our bathroom supplies today.

Here are six reasons why you should choose our professional renovators to complete your next bathroom renovation


1. We focus on one job at a time

One of the biggest causes of delays, as well as rushed workmanship in the professional bathroom renovation industry is businesses trying to manage too many projects at once. The reason this causes delays, is that lining up the right contractors at the right time is incredibly difficult when juggling too many jobs. It also leads to mistakes, having to rush through your project and move on to the next one. Because our Canberra experts focus on one job at a time, from taps and hardware installation to your tiling service, we get your project finished on time (weather permitting – the only genuine reason for a delay) and ensure the quality is up to our high standards.


2. The products we use are top quality – designed to look great and last

Aside from the above mentioned juggling of too many projects at once, the increasing use of cheaper, inferior materials is a big problem in the industry at the moment. While the complete bathroom renovation may cost less in the end, when it comes to specific tasks such as tiling services, it’s essential to make sure that the sample you select is what is installed. The savings to the renovation company usually aren’t passed on to the customer (at least as far as we can tell, given that our quotes are always competitive). However, the inevitable problems that will occur down the line are most certainly passed on to you. We cannot state strongly enough how important it is to use quality materials and will explain in detail specific examples of what commonly occurs when corners are cut when you speak with us.





3. Our quotes are accurate and reflect the final cost you will pay

Another growing problem with some in the bathroom design industry is the practise of presenting a seemingly very competitive quote, only for the customer to be hit with a much higher complete renovations cost on the final bill. There are some rare circumstances where extra work and or materials are needed that we simply can’t know about until we have removed your existing bathroom. However, this is the exception, not the rule and when it does happen we will show you the damage (usually related to water damage resulting from failed sealing) and explain to you the options and costs, getting your OK before moving ahead with any extra work.

This is what should happen and what the many reputable professional bathroom renovation companies (ourselves included) in Canberra will do. Unfortunately, many don’t, leaving you with no choice but to pay a huge cost and no way to verify that the damage was in fact there.


4. Behaving in a professional and respectful manner

With complete bathroom renovations in particular, most people can’t justify finding alternative accommodations for the duration of the renovation work. This means it’s important for our renovators to behave professionally when in and around your home. Our renovators, employees and contractors know what is expected of them – they must keep their language clean, leave your home clean at the end of each day and complete a comprehensive clean-up inside and out before completing the project. When required, we use plastic sheeting along the path needed to get to and from the area being worked on.


5. Completing the project on time.

Our professional bathroom renovators know how much of an inconvenience having your space out of action can be for anyone. For families with children, this is obviously even more of an issue. Along with making sure the rest of your home is as unaffected as possible by the ongoing work (cleaning up as we go and using plastic sheeting) we are also aware that the best thing we can do to minimise the inconvenience is to get the job done as quickly as possible. Because we focus on one complete bathroom renovation project at a time, we are able to average much quicker turnaround time than the industry average.

Weather is the one variable we can’t control and even though the job is indoors, the materials we use simply can’t be transported in the rain, even exposure to moisture for a short period can lead to issues in the future. Fortunately, in Canberra this usually isn’t a major concern and our renovators ALWAYS keep you in the loop regarding weather delays. We average under a week for completely new bathroom installations.




6. Standing by our work

Due to the nature of the materials used, and the wet environments our products operate in, teething problems can happen. Anyone that claims otherwise is either being dishonest or is lacking in experience. We back up our work by providing free support for minor issues not caused by physical damage after installation (e.g. someone leans on a towel rack and it rips out of the wall would obviously not be covered). The issues that come up are normal and require only minor adjustments from us, which is why we’re able to offer this after sales service.


Choose us as your professional bathroom renovators in Canberra

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